Влияние классической музыки на человека / The influence of classical music on a man

If I start a conversation about music, then in my heart immediately becomes warmer. This music, which touches my heart, is classical music. But most of all I like music, performing on the piano. This I learned when I first time climbed the stairs of the music school; I heard the greatest Beethoven`s Ninth Symphony. After that, I immediately enrolled in a music school where I was introduced to the beauty. And you know it has helped me in the future. Sometimes, when my apartment is empty, I sit down to an instrument to relieve stress, to calm down. At this moment I am completely focused only on my thoughts and I can think only about beautiful things. Currently, scientists proved that listening to classical music has a beneficial effect on the physical and the moral state of a man. This music always makes you to have emotions or associations, as though reading a good book and, together with its heroes live among them. Classical music also enhances the memory of a man. Our life without classical music, like as a novel with no idea.