Трое в лодке / Three men in a boat

The novel under the title «Three men in a boat» is written by a well-known English writer Jerome K. Jerome. His novels always enjoy great popularity. Jerome K. Jerome is famous for his art of story-telling, his vivid style and his humour. And in this novel he also criticized the weak sides of human nature with sparkling humour. The plot of the story develops around the main characters: the author himself, George, Harris, Montmorency.

These characters applies to the 20th century. The novel describe the events which happened during their travelling through Sonning where they decided to put up.

The beginning of the novel is very emotional and cheerful, during all the novel the characters try to make an Irish stew from all the odds and ends that left. The process is described very interesting because of rich description, comparisons, epithets.

In conclusion I`d like to write that I really enjoy the novel, because it was simple and sarcastic.