Книги и телевидение в моей жизни / Books and TV in my life

The world of books and TV is very interesting and amazing. Some people don`t like reading books and watching TV. Another people like reading books and watching TV.

As for me I like reading because it is a perfect way to escape from boring school life, stress and everyday`s problems. Besides, when I read I expend my outlook. My favourite books are «The Twilight» and «The House of Night». «The House of Night» is about a girl who is 16 years old. She is a vampire. «The Twilight» is about a girl and a boy-vampire. I like reading books about vampires because it is very fantastic and unfogerttable. This story is breathtaking.

Also in my life is very important TV. My favourite channels are STS, TNT and channel 1. My favourite program is «Daddy`s daughters». This film is about a life of people. It is a story about crazy family in which there are 5 daughters.

I think that TV and books play a big role in my life.