British Stereotypes

In Britain there exists an accepted code of behavior. This code does not allow the straightforward expression of what they think and feel. In contrast to Russians, who prefer directness, British people tend to understate things. A conversation in English is full of hints, half-tones, and understatements. British people do not particularly like to interfere in other people’s affairs. They are known to have a cult of personality. The British generally tend to keep to themselves, and hate intruding on other people’s privacy. For example, they do not particularly like to speak about their personal matters and interests, and when they do, they always do it in an apologetic manner. In a conversation, the British mostly avoid direct questions, as well as strong, dogmatic ones, because the culturally accepted code of behavior does not allow asking other people about their personal matters in a direct way. So we can see that the British are guided by the principle of not interfering in other people’s affairs. The British see self-possession as the highest quality of human character. They regard the free display of emotions as vulgar and anti-social. They highly value the ability to stay calm in all kinds of situations and to leave things unsaid. In one word, the British are an extremely reserved people. They are also considered to be industrious, polite, traditional, courteous, honest, and extremely nationalistic. They are known to have a specific sense of humor, which can be delicate.