Climate and nature of Great Britain 1

The climate of any country depends on its geographical position. Great Britain is situated on the British Isles. The British Isles lie to the west of the continent of Europe. The total land area of the United Kingdom is 244,000 square kilometres. The mountains are in the west and north of the country. There are lowlands to the south and east. There are many rivers in Great Britain but they are not long. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. The eastern coast is bordered by the waters of the North Sea. The English Channel, which is 32 kilometres wide, separates the southeast of Great Britain from France. So Great Britain is surrounded by water. Not far from the British Isles there is the warm Gulf Stream.

All these facts influence the climate of the country. The climate of Great Britain is mild, temperate and wet. It is neither hot in the summer, nor very cold in the winter. Spring is a very beautiful season because everything is covered with flowers. Autumn is wet and cool. In January the average temperature ranges from 3 to 7 Celsius degrees below zero, and in July from 16-17 degrees above zero. It frequently rains in Great Britain. However, it doesn’t often snow. The weather changes very quickly. In the morning it may be shining brightly and in the afternoon it may rain. That is why radio and television inform people about the weather forecast very often. The British people joke: «In other countries it is climate, in Britain we have weather.»