Tales about myself / Рассказы о себе

/ Скачать диалог


Maria: Hello, I’m Maria. Clara: Hello Maria, I’m Clara. Maria: Pleased to meet you.
Jordi: Excuse me, are you Silvio? Silvio: Yes, I am. What’s your name? Jordi: My name’s Jordi.
Maria: Where are you from? Clara: I’m from Barcelona.
Jordi: What’s your email address? Silvio: It’s sitvio77@hotserve.com.
Maria: What’s your job?
Clara: I’m a student at the university.
Jordi: Are you married?
Silvio: No, I’m not. I’m single.
Interviewer: Do you eat with the clients?
Jenny: No, I don’t. I have lunch with the other reps.
Interviewer: And what do you do in the afternoon?
Jenny: At half past three I go to the hotel pool and help the other reps with games.
Interviewer: Games? Jenny: Yes, we organise all kinds of games and competitions for the clients. It’s great fun.
Interviewer: Do you play the games?
Jenny: Oh no, I don’t. I’m the referee!
Interviewer: So, what do you do in the evening? Do you have dinner with the clients?
Jenny: Yes, I do.
Interviewer: Where do you go for dinner?
Jenny: I take the clients to a restaurant at quarter to eight and then I take them to a nightclub at about half past ten. Sometimes we have special parties and entertainment.
Interviewer: When do you finish work?
Jenny: Well, I leave the nightclub at about half past one in the morning. So I get home at about quarter to two.
Interviewer: What a busy life!
Jenny: Yes. But I love it!