Where are you from? / Откуда ты?

/ Скачать диалог


Male: Where is Paulo Coelho from?
Female: He’s from Brazil He’s Brazilian.
Male: Where are Nokia phones from?
Female: They’re from Finland. They’re Finnish.
Male: Where are Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu from?
Female: They’re from France. They’re French.
Male: Where is Will Smith from?
Female: He’s from the United States. He’s American.
Male: Where is Penelope Cruz from?
Female: She’s from Spain. She’s Spanish.
Male: Where are Gucci handbags from?
Female: They’re from Italy. They’re Italian.
Male: Where are Ralf and Michael Schumacher from?
Female: They’re from Germany. They’re German.
Male: Where is Roman Polanski from?
Female: He’s from Poland. He’s Polish.
Male: Where is Gong Li from?
Female: She’s from China. She’s Chinese.
Male: Where are Jaguar cars from?