Tale about myself / Рассказ о себе

/ Скачать диалог


Jake: Hi Marta.
Marta: Oh, hello9 Jake.
Jake: Are you OK?
Marta: No, I’m not… this is difficult.
Jake: What is it? Oh, I see. Look, I can help you.
Marta: Thanks. What’s ‘surname’?
Jake: It’s your family name — Nowak. And your first name is Marta.
Marta: OK. So, ‘age’, what’s that?
Jake: How old are you?
Marta: Oh, OK. I’m 22.
Jake: Now, place of origin. Where are you from? Are you from Russia?
Marta: No, I’m not from Russia, I’m from Poland.
Jake: And the city?
Marta: Ah, yes, from Lublin.
Jake: OK, so write Lublin, Poland.
Marta: L-U-B-L-l-N, Poland. OK.
Jake: Right. The next question, what’s your nationality? That’s Polish. Right, and now, what’s your address?
Marta: 36, Mill Lane, London.
Jake: And what’s your email address?
Marta: It’s marta.nowakOhotserve.com
Jake: And what about phones — what’s your home phone number?
Marta: oh-2-oh-8-7-3’Oh-6-5-8-9. This is easy.