Journey / Путешествие

/ Скачать диалог


jason: I’m here at Heathrow Airport with the Garfield family: Derek and Moira and their children Todd and Alicia. Today’s the start of an amazing adventure for them. In half an hour they get on a plane to begin the holiday of a lifetime. Derek, how are you feeling right now?
Derek: To be honest, Jason, I’m feeling quite nervous… nervous but excited.
Jason: Why are you nervous?
Derek: Well, this is my first long plane journey. I’ve never been on a long-haul flight before so it’s my first time… and Australia is a long way away.
Jason: Are the rest of you experienced travellers?
Alicia: We’ve been to America!
Moira: Yes, the three of us have been on a long-haul flight before. I took Todd and Alicia to Florida last year.
Jason: Have you ever been to Australia?
Moira: No, we haven’t.
Derek, Alicia, Todd: No, we’ve never been to Australia.
Jason: So I guess you are all very
excited about those activities in Australia? Have you ever been horse-riding, hiking or bungee jumping before?
Todd: Alicia and I have been horse-riding. We went horse-riding when we were in Scotland two years ago. But mum and dad stayed in the hotel! They’ve never been on a horse!
Moira: It was cold!
Derek: But we’ve all been hiking. We went last year.
Jason: And have you ever been bungee jumping?
Derek: Oh no. We haven’t been bungee jumping. It’s the first time for all of us.
Moira: I’m very nervous about it!