My way to work / Мой путь до работы

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Julia: The way I commute to work is probably quite unusual! I rollerblade! I live in Surfside, a suburb in the north of Miami and I work at a hotel on Miami beach. It takes about twenty-five minutes to get to work. And of course it costs nothing. It’s usually warm and sunny in Miami and rollerblading is very healthy -1 really enjoy it. But rollerblading is a bit dangerous when you cross busy roads. And it’s tiring!
Billy: Commuting is really difficult in London. It’s a huge city and there’s a lot of traffic. You can’t really commute by car because it’s impossible to park in the centre of London. There’s a good underground system but there aren’t any stations near my house so I get the bus to work. It isn’t expensive but it’s sometimes quite slow because of all the traffic. And I hate waiting at the bus stop in the winter, it’s very boring!