The talk with tour agency / Разговор с тур оператором

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Agent: Good morning. Distant Dreams Travel.
Billy: Oh, hello. Do you sell airline tickets for New Zealand?
Agent: Yes.
Billy: Right. I’d like four tickets from London Heathrow to New Zealand.
Agent: What’s your exact destination?
Billy: Auckland.
Agent: And when do you want to go?
Billy: I’d like to go on Friday the fifth of next month.
Agent: Return or one-way?
Billy: I’d like return tickets, please. We want to come back one month later.
Agent: OK. I’ll just check on the
computer. OK, do you want economy or business class?
Billy: Oh, business class is expensive. I prefer economy. How much is that?
Agent: Let me see. Four return tickets in economy, and your departure date is the fifth. OK. We’ve got Air New Zealand and Qantas for those dates. On Air New Zealand it’s six thousand New Zealand dollars, about two thousand pounds. Qantas is more expensive — about two thousand, three hundred pounds, but it’s a shorter flight. Which do you prefer?
Billy: The cheaper one. Air New
Zealand, I think. What time does the flight leave London?
Agent: At ten thirty in the morning.
Billy: Is it a direct flight?
Agent: No, there’s a short stop in Bangkok.
Billy: Fine. I’d like four tickets then, please.