Hotel reservation / Бронирование отеля

/ Скачать диалог


Reception: Hello. Hotel Europa. Can I help you?
Woman: Yes. I’d like to book a room, please.
Reception: OK. For how many nights?
Woman: For two nights.
Reception: Which dates, please.
Woman: For the 15th and 16th of May, please.
Reception: OK, that’s fine. Would you
like a single or double room?
Woman: Do you have twin rooms?
Reception: Yes, we do.
Woman: I’d like to book a twin room, then. Does it have a private bathroom?
Reception: All our rooms have private bathrooms, madam.
Woman: Oh, OK. How much is that, please?
Reception: That’s 240 euros, 120 a night.
Woman: Is breakfast included?
Reception: No, it isn’t. Breakfast is ten euros.
Woman: OK. Oh, just one thing. Can I book a beauty treatment before we come?
Reception: Yes, madam. I can transfer you to the beauty salon, but can I take your name and credit card details first, please?