In a hotel / В отеле

/ Скачать диалог


Reception: Can I help you, madam?
Woman: Yes. I asked for a twin room.
Reception: Yes, madam.
Woman: Well, you’ve given me a double room.
Reception: Oh, I am sorry, madam.
Woman: Can we have a twin room, please?
Reception: I’ll just have a look… yes, we have one on the second floor.
Reception: Reception. Can I help you?
Man: Yes, I asked for tea with my breakfast.
Reception: Yes?
Man: And you’ve given me coffee.
Reception: I’m sorry, sir. I’ll call the
kitchen and get you some tea.
Man: OK. Thank you.
Reception: Yes, sir, can I help you?
Man: Yes, I booked golf for this morning.
Reception: Yes, sir?
Man: The golf club has just told me that there isn’t a booking for me.
Reception: Oh, that’s strange. I’m sure the golf club can fit you in later. I’ll call them and sort it out for you.