Extreme sports / Экстремальный спорт

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Dario: Look, here’s the photo of us
rafting on the Colorado River last summer.
Mia: Oh yes. That was so frightening. I didn’t really enjoy that — the raft went so fast! It was really dangerous.
Dario: Well, I thought it was fantastic.
Mia: I preferred trekking in the Grand Canyon really.
Dario: Yes, that was fun. But a bit slow. And do you remember when we went on those bikes in the hills behind San Francisco?
Mia: Yes. I remember cycling up the hills and through all those tunnels! *
Dario: Yes, that was great.
Mia: Mm, I really enjoyed that. Do you think that was the best part of our trip?
Dario: No, horse-riding was the best. That was really exciting.