Parents talk with teacher / Разговор родителей с учителем

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Man: Hello. Staff room.
Carlos: Hello. Can I speak to Mrs Alders, please?
Man: Just a moment. I’ll get her. Jill, it’s for you.
Alders: Hello. Jill Alders.
Carlos: Mrs Alders? It’s Carlos Brent. My son, Karl, is in your class.
Alders: Oh yes, Mr Brent. How can I help you?
Carlos: I’d like to meet you next week to talk about Karl’s examinations.
Alders: Fine. Can you come on
Thursday? I’m teaching in the morning but I’m free in the afternoon.
Carlos: I’m afraid I can’t come then because I’m working. What about Wednesday?
Alders: No, I’m afraid I’m teaching all day on Wednesday.
Carlos: Well, I can come on Tuesday.
Alders: Er, Tuesday. Well, I’m teaching a class at ten thirty and I’m taking the children swimming in the afternoon.
Carlos: How about earlier in the morning?
Alders: Let me see… OK. Let’s meet at nine o’clock.
Carlos: Nine o’clock on Tuesday
morning. Thank you very much.
Alders: I’ll see you next week then. You can come to the staff room…