Ambitions / Амбиции

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1 Victoria
I’ve joined the drama group at university because I really love performing. I’m going to learn how to sing and dance.
1 want to act in plays and musicals and of course I’d like to be famous one day. Sometimes TV producers watch our student shows so anything is possible!
2 Helena
My ambition is to become a famous politician, perhaps a minister in the government. At the moment I’m just a student — I’m studying politics at college. But I’m going to work for a politician next summer. I want to learn more about elections and voting. I’m really excited about it.
3 Lewis
I’ve just had my first training session with the team, so I’m a bit tired. It’s only the reserve team but I’m going to practise with them twice a week to improve my physical fitness and ball control skills. I’m going to work really hard to get into the first team. I know I’m a good footballer and I’m sure I’m good enough to get a place in a professional team. These days footballers are the biggest stars in the world, and I’d really like to be rich and famous.