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Andi: Good morning. Charity Challenge, Andi speaking. How can I help you?
David: Oh, hello. My name’s David MacMahon. I’m interested in doing one of your challenges and I’d like to ask some questions.
Andi: That’s fine, David. Please, go ahead.
David: Well, first, where exactly do the challenges take place?
Andi: All over the world, in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
David: Oh, I see. And what kind of challenges are they? I mean, what kind of activities are they?
Andi: Well, we have hiking, cycling, sailing, rafting, mountain climbing and horse-riding.
David: Oh good. I enjoy hiking and I love cycling -1 use my bike every day — but I hate horse-riding and I don’t like sailing.
Andi: What about rafting and mountain climbing?
David: I wouldn’t like to climb a
mountain, and I’ve never done any rafting, but I’d like to try. Do you have to be very fit?
Andi: Yes, you do. Our expeditions are difficult and you have to have a good level of fitness. Choose an activity you know you can do, start training very early and join a gym.
David: Oh, I can’t stand going to the gym … it’s so boring, but I can train in other ways.
Andi: Yes, and we have training
weekends. People find them very useful.
David: Yes, I think I’d like to do a training weekend. How often do you have them?
Andi: About once a month.
David: OK. Who pays for the expedition?
Andi: Well, you pay for the expedition. We also ask you to raise money for your charity.
David: Oh, yes, of course. Who chooses the charity?
Andi: You choose the charity. Do you have any other questions, David?
David: Yes, just one. How do I raise the money?
Andi: We can help you with ideas. For example, you could do a car boot sale to get money.
David: Oh, I’d like to do that. I love going to car boot sales, but I’ve never done one.
Andi: OK. So do you want to join one of our expeditions, David?
David: I want to think about it for a few days. I’d like to find out more. Can you send me some information?
Andi: Certainly. I can send you a brochure and…