Questioning of the guard / Допрос охранника

/ Скачать диалог


Security Officer: Excuse me, madam.Open your suitcase, please.
Female: Of course.
SO: What’s this?
Female: It’s a camera. It’s for my son.
SO: And what are these?
Female: They’re discs for the camera. It’s a digital camera.
SO: Open your bag. please, sir.
Male: OK.
SO: What’s this?
Male: It’s a laptop computer, for my work.
SO: Mmm. And what are these?
Male: They’re magazines — computer magazines.
SO: And this?
Male: It’s a scarf, for my wife.
SO: Open your handbag, please.
Female: Oh. what’s wrong?
SO: What’s this?
Female: It’s my wallet, of course!