Your typical day / Твой обычный день

/ Скачать диалог


Interviewer: So, Jenny, you’re a Fun Club holiday rep. Is it fun?
Jenny: Yes, of course.
Interviewer: Tell us about your typical day.
Jenny: OK. Well, I get up at about ten o’clock and go to the hotels at about eleven. I meet the clients at quarter past eleven and tell them about our parties and evening events, and I sell them tickets for excursions and day trips. Then I have lunch at about two o’clock.
Jake: And what’s your mobile phone number?
Marta: oh-3-7-4-3-5-4-8-5-1-3-2. Oh,
what’s this? Occupation? Jake: Yes, what’s your job? Marta: Ah, OK. I’m a student. Now… oh, that’s all. Thanks very much, Jake. Jake: That’s OK. See you in class. Marta: Class?… Oh, yes! See you there.