Traffic jams / Автомобильные пробки

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I Presenter: Traffic jams. We hate them. but what do we do in them? This is what some people say.
Melanie: Traffic iams are OK. I think about work and plan my day. I write my diary. My daughter doesn’t like traffic jams — she calls her friends, but I don’t make phone calls in the car. Ifs dangerous.
Nathan: Well, in the mornings I shave and listen to the radio. I listen to the news. I like music, but unfortunately my car doesn’t have a CD player.
Simon: I don’t do a lot, really. I hate traffic jams — they’re so boring! I think about things or watch the people in the other cars. Sometimes I sing.
L: We play computer games or call friends on our mobiles.
E: Or we just talk. We don’t like the radio.