The week of a busy man / Неделя занятого человека

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1 Journalist: Alistair, you’re a very busy man, so I’m sure you use your lunch breaks. What do you do in your lunch break in the week? Alistair: Well, you’re right. I do a lot in my lunch breaks. I go for a walk or have a swim on Mondays and I go to the gym on Tuesdays. I sometimes meet friends on Wednesdays and we have lunch in a restaurant, and on Thursdays I Sometimes listen to a lunchtime concert — when I don’t have a lot of work to do. On Fridays I stay at my desk and work -1 always have a lot of work to finish on Fridays.
Journalist: What about the weekend?
What do you do on Saturday and Sunday?
Alistair. On Saturdays I go shopping — for food and also for other things, and on Sundays I relax. I sometimes watch football on TV and fall asleep!