Phone talking / Телефонный разговор

/ Скачать диалог


Woman 1: Hello, Mrs Smith. How’s your Susie?
Woman 2: She’s fine, thank you. MrsJones. And how’s Jonny?
Woman 1: He’s OK. thanks. He can play the guitar now. you know.
Woman 2: Oh. Susie can play the guitar. and she can play the piano too.
Woman 1: Well, Jonny can’t play the piano but he can sing.
Woman 2: Oh, can he? Susie can sing,…
Woman 1: Can Susie dance?
Woman 2: Yes, she can. Can Jonny dance?
Woman 1: No, he can’t. He doesn’t have time to dance. He can play football — he’s in the school team, and he can play tennis, and _
Woman 2: Susie can’t play football — she doesn’t like it. It’s not a nice game for a girl. But she can play tennis, and she can ski, of course. Tell me, can Jonny ski?
Woman 1: No, but… he can speak French, you know…
Woman 2: Oh, of course Susie can speak French, and she can speak Spanish too, and she can
Woman 1: Jonny can ride a bike and he …
Woman 2: Susie can’t ride a bike but she can drive a car. Can Jonny drive?
Woman 1: Of course he can’t drive. He’s only ten!