Phone messages / Телефонные сообщения

/ Скачать диалог


Tony: This is 054 898 4567. Please leave a message after the tone.
Jane: Hi Tony, It’s Jane. Let’s meet outside the cinema at ten to eight. See you there, OK? Bye.
Mandy: Hello, this is Mandy and John’s phone. We’re not here right now so please leave a message with your name and number and the time of your call. Thank you.
Steve: Mandy, it’s Steve Henshaw
here. It’s twenty past three on Wednesday. Can you call me? My number’s 068 919 0752. Thanks.
Michael: This is Michael Brown’s voicemail. Please leave a message now.
Carol: Good morning, Mr Brown. This is Carol at Benson Cameras. Your new camera is here. Can you come to the shop and get it this week? We are open from five to nine until half past six every day.
Judy: Hi, I’m not here right now so please leave a message after the beep. Thanks.
Damian: Judy, it’s Damian. Why don’t we meet for dinner this evening? How about the Italian restaurant in Green Street at twenty-five past eight? Give me a call. I’m in the office all afternoon.
Reception: Good morning. Brandon Travel Agency.
Mary: Hello. Can I speak to David Renton?
Reception: I’m afraid he isn’t in this morning. Can I take a message?
Mary: Yes, can you ask him to call Mary Wilde?
Reception: Of course. What’s your telephone number?
Mary: It’s 713 3918834.
Reception: Sorry? Can you repeat that?
Mary: 713 3918834
Reception: Fine.
Mary: Thanks. Bye.