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Interviewer: David, how old are you?
David: I’m 22.
Interviewer: Do you have any special abilities?
David: Well, I can play the piano and the guitar.
Interviewer: Can you speak any foreign languages?
David: No, I can’t. Only English!
Interviewer: Can you use computers at all?
David: Oh yes. I can use a lot of different programs. And I really like computer games. In fact I have a certificate in computer programming.
Interviewer: Right. Well that’s a useful qualification.
David: Yes, but I don’t like
computer programming — it’s boring!
Interviewer: OK. Can you drive?
David: Yes, I can.
Interviewer: Lizzie, what about you?
Do you have any special abilities?
Lizzie: I can play a lot of different sports.
Interviewer: Really?
Lizzie: Yes, football, basketball, tennis.
Interviewer: Do you do a lot of exercise?
Lizzie: Yes, I do aerobics classes, and dancing of courscl I
really like dancing!
Interviewer: And do you speak any foreign languages?
Lizzie: Yes, my father is from Brazil, so I can speak Portuguese.
Interviewer: Do you have any qualifications?
Lizzie: Yes, a college diploma in sports medicine.
Interviewer: And you’re 26?
Lizzie: Yes, 26.