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Laurence Redburn:
Hello and welcome to In the rubbish bin, the show where we look at people’s lives by looking at their rubbish. I’m Laurence Redburn.
Today we look at the diets of two very different families. I have their rubbish bins in the studio, with a typical day’s rubbish, so, let’s start with rubbish bin A. What does this family eat and drink? We have some cans… cola cans — not very healthy. Mmm, instant coffee. Some boxes… cheese and tomato pizza, burgers. Some biscuits, and… crisp packets — all fast food, and not very healthy. Do they eat any vegetables or fruit? I don’t think so. Oh dear, not a healthy diet. A lot of this food is bad for you, so this family is probably not very healthy.
Now let’s look at rubbish bin B. This is very different — it’s good. This family eats a lot of fruit and vegetables… sonify potatoes, carrots,… bananas and apples. What do they drink? We have some juice cartons, some milk bottles and we have a water bottle… two water bottles — very good, all very healthy so far. Tea bags …
well, OK. They eat some pasta, and fish -that’s good. I can’t see any fast food here. I think this is a very healthy family.