Food order in the cafe / Заказ еды в кафе

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Waitress: Hi. What can I get you today? S
am: Hi. I’d like a cheese sandwich, please.
Waitress: On white or brown bread?
Sam: On brown, please.
Waitress: Would you like fries?
Sam: Yes.
Waitress: Regular or large size?
Sam: Large.
Waitress: And your friend?
Sam: lenny, what would you like?
jenny: Do you have salads?
Waitress: Sure. Small, medium or large?
Jenny: Oh, I’d like a medium.
Waitress: OK. Anything to drink?
Jenny: Sam, do you want some juice?
Sam: No, thanks. Coffee for me.
Jenny: OK, a small cup of coffee for…
Sam: No, no, a large one.
Jenny: OK. A large cup of coffee for him and a small glass of mineral water for me.
Waitress: Fine. Coming right up!