Food purchasing / Покупка еды

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Waitress: OK, here we are. Two vegetarian pizzas.
Sam: No, that’s not for us. Our order is a sandwich with fries and a salad.
Waitress: Oh, excuse me, that’s the wrong order. Just a moment.
Jenny: Two vegetarian pizzas? I really like them! Can we change our order?
Sam: Of course not.
Waitress: OK. I think this is your order.
Amedium salad for you, sir.
Sam: Oh no, the salad’s for her.
Waitress: OK. Right. A medium salad and a small glass of mineral water for you, madam; and a cheese sandwich on brown bread with large fries and a large cup of coffee for you, sir.
Sam: Yes. Thanks. How much is that?
Waitress: That’s sixteen dollars and seventy cents, please.
Sam: Can I pay by credit card?
Waitress: Of course.