Food buying / Покупка еды

/ Скачать диалог


Woman i: Hello. I’d like three bananas, a kilo of apples and a melon please.
Man: We don’t have any melons today. Sorry.
Woman 1: OK, just the bananas and apples, then, please.
Man: A kilo of apples — that’s two euros, and three bananas — that’s one and a half euros Here you are. That’s three an a half euros, please.
Woman 1: Three and a half. Thank you. Bye.
Man: Bye.
Woman 1: Hello. I’d like soog of mincec beef, 200g of tuna and a chicken, please.
Woman 2: Um, we don’t have any tuna, I’m afraid.
Woman 1: Oh dear. OK.
Woman 2: Right, so that’s soog of minced beef, one chicken… That’s fifteen euros altogether. Thank you.