Apartments for sale / Квартиры на продажу

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Agent: The World of ResidenSea. Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Jon: Yes. I’m interested in an apartment on the World of
ResidenSea. Can I ask you some questions?

Agent: Yes, of course.
Jon: Well, first of all. Are there any apartments for sale now?
Agent: Yes, there are, but we only have about three for sale right now. They’re very popular.
Jon: Yes, I’m sure. OK. How many bedrooms are there in the apartments?
Agent: Well, we have apartments with two bedrooms and apartments with three bedrooms. At the moment, we only have the two-bedroom apartments for sale.
Jon: That’s OK. I want two bedrooms, but how many bathrooms are there?
Agent: There are two bathrooms, one for each bedroom, and there’s another toilet.
Jon: Great, but how big are the
apartments? I mean, how much space is there?
Agent: Oh, they’re quite big. Some are loo square metres and some are 120 square metres. The apartments for sale now are 100 square metres.
Jon: That’s good. OK, the big question … how much does the apartment cost?
Agent: The two-bedroom apartments for sale now cost around two million dollars.
Jon: Two million dollars? Oh, I don’t know about that. It’s very expensive. Let me think about it for a day or two.
Agent: Yes, that’s fine. Thank you for your call, and please call again. Goodbye.