Inside your house / Внутри твоего дома

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Amanda: So, where do you live, Pete?
Have you got your own house?
Pete: No, I haven’t. I’ve got a
modem studio apartment in the centre of town.
Amanda: Has it got a garden?
Pete: No, it hasn’t got a garden, but it’s got a small terrace.
Amanda: Is there a kitchen in the apartment?
Pete: No, there isn’t but there’s a kitchen area with a fridge, a cooker and a sink. But I haven’t got a microwave.
Amanda: What about furniture?
Pete: I’ve got a coffee table, and there are two chairs. And I’ve got a beautiful sofa -1 love that sofa, I use it all the time -I eat my meals there because I haven’t got a dining table!
Amanda: Is there a TV?
Pete: Yes, of course. And I’ve got a music system.
Amanda: Have you got a computer?
Pete: Yes, I’ve got a laptop computer -1 use the Internet a lot.
Amanda: And have you got a mobile phone?
Pete: Yes, I have.