People from different countries / Люди из разных стран

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Ana: I’m Ana. I’m from Spain and I love this country — in Spain there are so many places and things to see. There’s even a famous desert in Spain — it’s true — the Almeria Desert. It’s in the south of Spain. They make a lot of films in this desert because it’s really hot and dry. There are also a lot of beautiful beaches in Spain.
Gabriel: I’m Gabriel, from Argentina.
People think Argentina is a hot country, but there are some very cold parts too. The south is very cold because it’s very close to Antarctica and there are mountains there. Of course, there are very high mountains in all of Argentina — the Andes, but in the south the mountains meet the sea, and they’re really lovely.
Monika: My name’s Monika and my
home is in Poland, in the east of the country. There are some beautiful lakes in the east of Poland — it’s a lovely area. A lot of Polish people take their holidays here. In feet, it’s quite popular now with people from other countries too.
Costas: I’m Costas. I live in Greece, on the island of Kefellonia. People don’t think that Greece is a green country, with a lot of trees, but Kefellonia is a very green island. There’s a lovely forest in the north of the island. Of course, there are also beaches on Kefellonia — it’s a very popular holiday island.
Yumiko: My name’s Yumiko. I come from japan, from a city called Osaka. It’s a huge city in the west of Japan, and it’s very busy and noisy, and it’s not very friendly. There are a lot of shops and offices in the city, and people are always in a hurry. I don’t like it here -1 like the mountains.