In the shop / В магазине

/ Скачать диалог


Customer: Excuse me. Where can I find men’s shoes?
Store guide: Men’s shoes. That’s on the first floor.
Customer: Where are the stairs?
Store guide: There are escalators on your right.
Customer: Right. And have you got maps of London? Store guide: No, we haven’t. Soriy.
Customer: OK. Thanks.
Store guide: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes. I’d like a laptop.
Store guide: You need the computer department.
Customer: Where’s that?
Store guide: In the basement. There are stairs on your right.
Customer: Thanks very much. Oh, and I need a present for my son. Have you got any Christina Aguilera CDs? Store guide: Yes, we’ve got a music department on the third floor.
Customer: Great.
Customer: Hello, is this the information point?
Store guide: Yes. How can I help you?
Customer: Where can I find dining tables and chairs?
Store guide: That’s in the furniture department on the fourth floor.
Customer: Is there a lift?
Store guide: Yes. Go to the end of the beauty hall and turn left.
Customer: I need some other things. Have you got a store guide?
Store guide: Yes. They’re just here.
Customer: Can I have a copy, please?
Store guide: Of course.
Customer: How much is that?
Store guide: It’s free.
Customer: Right, thanks a lot.