Old buildings / Старые здания

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Speaker 1: I live quite near the building. Some of my family worked in it — they produced electrical equipment, but that was a long time ago. It’s funny to think that my family worked there and now I do my shopping in the same building.
Speaker 2: It’s in a wonderful location, right in the centre. I like the feet that doctors and nurses lived and worked in the building; they looked after sick people and poor people, but now people come and look at the pictures and other works of art here. I visited it when I was in Madrid last month — it’s got Picasso’s Guernica in it — my favourite painting.
Speaker 3: This wonderful building started life as a school — rich young ladies lived and studied here — but in 1917 it changed into something quite different. Lenin decided to come to St Petersburg and he planned the Russian Revolution from this very building — amazing, eh? When the Revolution finished, he moved back to Moscow. The building is now offices — the offices of the city Governor — and we can’t go into it.
Speaker 4: The station opened in 1900, and trains started from here on journeys to the west of France, but the station closed in 1937. The museum opened in 1986 and France’s great collection of Impressionist painters moved here. Now millions of tourists come here every year to look at the collection.