Interview: what happened yesterday? / Интервью: что случилось вчера?

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Interviewer: What exactly happened
yesterday, Mr Andrews? Did you get lost?
Robin: I don’t know. At about half past three, I walked to the village because I needed to get some money.
Interviewer: How far is the village from your home?
Robin: Not far… two kilometres. It’s an easy walk.
Interviewer: Did you get the money?
Robin: Yes, I did. I… at the
cashpoint in the bank, but I haven’t got the money now. Then I called at the phone shop next to the bank…
Interviewer: Where did you go then?
Robin: Well, I wanted to go to the Internet cafe but I don’t remember…
Interviewer: What do you remember after that?
Robin: Well, I was in front of a
library. I was on the ground. An old man helped me to get up. I was very tired … and I realised I was in Marbury.
Interviewer: Marbury is eight kilometres from Shelton. Did you walk there?
Robin: I don’t know, I really don’t know.
Interviewer: Do you know Marbury?
Robin: Not really. I was tired and lost. It was cold and dark. It was early morning, I think.
Interviewer: Did you have any money with you?
Robin: No, I didn’t, not then.
Interviewer: So what did you do?
Robin: I asked the old man for directions to the police station. I walked there, but it was closed. I walked to the river and stayed under the bridge for an hour or two.
Interviewer: Did you go to sleep?
Robin: No, I didn’t. I waited for
the morning, then I walked back to the police station. They called my father, and he collected me in the car.
Interviewer: So how do you feel now, Mr Andrews?
Robin: I don’t know… confused … it was all very strange.