How can I go to the police station? / Как мне пройти к полицейскому участку?

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Man: Are you OK?
Robin: Yes, I’m fine now, thanks. But where am I? Man: You’re in Marbury. This is the library.
Robin: Oh, OK. Listen, do you know the way to the police station?
Man: The police station. Yes, it’s easy. You turn left at the next road, Mill Street…
Robin: Turn left, OK…
Man: Then go straight on jorabout 200 metres. Then you get to the post office.
Robin: The post office.
Man: Yes, it’s on the right.
Robin: On the right, OK.
Man: Next to the post office, turn right into Beech Road.
Robin: Beech Road. OK.
Man: Go along the road, then turn left at the bookshop, into Lime Avenue.
Robin: Yes, OK.
Man: The police station is in Lime Avenue. It’s at the end of the street, on the left.
Robin: OK, thanks very much.