Presents / Подарки

/ Скачать диалог


Mike: Hi Jane, it’s me.
Jane: Oh, hello Mike. What’s the
problem? Mike: You didn’t write the names on
those presents. Who are they for? Jane: Sorry.
Mike: The electric drill. Is that for
Gordon? jane: Yes, that’s his. Mike: And when’s his birthday? Jane: It’s the third of next month. Mike: What about the trainers… are
they Davy’s? Jane: Yes, the trainers are his. His birthday’s on the twentieth of this month. Mike: What about the clock? Who is that for?
Jane: That’s for Mr and Mrs Clark. Mike: OK, so the clock’s theirs. And the
handbag? Is that for Tara? Jane: The handbag? Of course not.
That’s mine! Mike: It’s yours? Oh. So what did you get for Tara? I know it’s her birthday on the first of next month.
Jane: The diary, that’s hers. Mike: Right. OK. Well, what about the
umbrella? Jane: The umbrella? Mike: Yes, there’s an umbrella on the
table. Jane: A black one? Mike: Yes.
Jane: That belongs to us. It’s ours! Mike: Is it? Oh yes. Of course …