The portrait of missing women / Описание пропавшей женщины

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Man: I want to report a missing person.
Officer: OK. Can I take your name first, sir?
Man: Yes, it’s Kennedy. David Kennedy.
Officer: Right. Thank you Mr Kennedy. When did this person go missing?
Man: Yesterday evening. She didn’t come back to the hotel.
Officer: When did you last see her?
Man: Yesterday afternoon. We went to the museum together, then she went shopping.
Officer: OK. Let me complete this form. You last saw her yesterday afternoon, right?
Man: That’s right.
Officer: Your friend, what’s her name … how old is she?
Man: Er, Gemma, that’s 6-E-M-M-A, Gemma Hunston — H-U-N-S-T-O-N. She’s 24.
Officer: Did you have an argument yesterday?
Man: Oh no, you don’t understand.
She isn’t my girlfriend. I met her a few days ago.
Officer: Oh, right. Well, maybe she decided to leave the hotel…
Man: No… no. All her things are in her room.
Officer: OK. What does she look like?
Man: Um… she’s tall, about 1.7
metres. She’s got dark hair… dark brown…
Officer: Wait a minute… OK. How long is her hair?
Man: Oh, quite long, but not very long, and…
Officer: Hold on… What’s her body type? an: Pardon?
Officer: Is she thin, fat…?
Man: Oh, slim, she’s quite slim.
Officer: And what colour eyes has she got?
Man: She’s got green eyes, I think … yes, green.
Officer: And what’s her skin colour?
Man: Dark… well at the moment she’s very tanned.
Officer: Now, anything else. Are there any other features?
Man: Oh, yes. She wears glasses. And she’s got a big bag with her, but it isn’t hers. It’s mine.
Officer: All right. And you last saw her yesterday afternoon. That’s everything. Thank you, Mr Kennedy. Can we call you at your hotel when