The art / Искусство

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Student 1: So, weVe got ‘the arts’ in the centre and five sections from it. I think the five sections are ‘painting, film, music, literature and theatre’. OK? Student 2: Yes, that’s right. I think we can put ‘dance’ and ‘plays’ under ‘theatre’. And what about ‘opera’ and ‘ballet’ — they’re ‘theatre’ too, I think. Student 1: Yes, I agree, but I also think that we can put ‘ballet’ and ‘opera’ under ‘music’. Student 2: Oh. you’re right. Well, let’s
put them under both ‘theatre’ and ‘music’. So under ‘music’ we’ve got ‘classical and rock music’, and ‘ballet’ and ‘opera’.
Student i: And ‘dance’ can go under ‘music’ too, as well as under ‘theatre’. Now, what about ‘film’?
Student 2:1 think film is ‘cartoon, comedy and horror’. Student 1: Yes, it’s those three. Now, for ‘literature’ I think we put ‘novels, plays and poetry’. Do you agree? Student 2: Yes, I do. But ‘plays’ can also go under ‘theatre’, I think. And under ‘painting’ we can put ‘modem art’. Student i: Yes, that’s right, so it’s only
‘modern art’ under ‘painting’. Student 2: Yes, so that’s it.