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1 usually read newspapers because they’re cheap. My newspaper costs about half a euro a day, but it costs over two euros to read the news on the Internet, so newspapers are cheaper than the Internet for me.
2 I use text messaging on my mobile phone to find out about sports results -1 get the results about 15 minutes after they happen, but on the TV you need to wait for the next news programme. Text messaging is faster than TV. I like immediate news so I use the Internet or teletext. You get complete news stories on the Internet, but with teletext you only get a few facts about the news story, so the Internet is more detailed than teletext.
4 I’m very busy and I don’t have time to read newspapers, so I always watch the evening news on TV. Anyway, watching the news on the TV is more exciting than newspapers because it’s visual.
5 I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I love the radio, and that’s where I get my news. The radio is easier than newspapers or TV because you can listen when you’re doing other things.
6 I don’t like reading so I watch TV or listen to the radio to get the news. I think that TV is better than the radio because it’s more interesting — you can understand things more when you have pictures.