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Jenny: Let’s have a look in the shop.
Serge: There’s a good selection of things here. Do you want to look at some posters of the paintings?
Jenny: I don’t know. I like posters but they’re quite expensive. I prefer buying postcards because the/re cheaper.
Serge: Yes. You’re right. There are some over there.
Jenny: What about this print of the
Wrapped Reichstag by Christo?
Serge: It’s OK, but I don’t really like modern art very much. I prefer sculpture.
Jenny: There’s a picture of that huge metal sculpture by Antony Gormley — The Angel of the North.
Serge: Oh yes, I like that, it’s really nice.
Oh, look at this lovely painting of a woman with an umbrella by Claude Monet. I really like it. I love Impressionist paintings — do you?
Jenny: Well, I like modern art more than traditional paintings really.
Serge: What about this abstract painting by Kazimir Malevich?
Jenny: Yes, I prefer Malevich to Monet. I really love abstract art. Those colours are beautiful. Oh, what on earth is this?
Serge: The shark?
Jenny: Yes.
Serge: That’s by Damien Hirst. I love it. It’s a tiger shark in a glass box.
Jenny: It’s amazing! But I’m not sure if it’s art!