What will you do on the weekend? / Что ты будешь делать на выходных?

/ Скачать диалог


Male: So, Saturday. Any ideas?
Female 1: How about a film?
Male: During the day?
Female 1: Yes.
Female 2: I prefer watching films in the evening really.
Female 1: OK. Well, why don’t we go to the sports centre? We can go swimming.
Male: There are always lots of children in the pool on Saturdays.
Female 2: And I don’t like swimming very much.
Female 1: Well, how about shopping then?
Female 2: Yes, I like shopping more than swimming!
Male: There’s that new shopping centre in Bath…
Female 2: That sounds like fun.
Male: What about the shops in Clifton?
Female 1: No, the shops are more expensive there.
Female 2: Yes. and Clifton’s very
crowded at the weekend.
Male: All right, we’ll go to Bath then.
Female 2: I think the new shopping centre in Bath’s got a good restaurant.
Female 1: Well, let’s go to the shopping centre in the morning and then we can have lunch there.
Female 2: OK, that sounds good.
Male: Let’s meet at eleven and we can get the bus.
Female 1: OK. We’ll meet at eleven outside the bus station.