1. horus heresy. dan abnett — horus rising

Dan Abnett
The Horus Heresy: Horus Rising

Dan Abnett
The Horus Heresy: Horus Rising


The Primarchs
HORUS First Primarch and Warmaster, Commander-in-Chief of the Luna Wolves
ROGAL DORN Primarch of the Imperial Fists
SANGUINIUS Primarch of the Blood Angels
The Luna Wolves Legion
TARIK TORGADDON Captain, 2nd Company
IACTON QRUZE The Half-heard', Captain, 3rd Company
HASTUR SEJANUS Captain, 4th Company
HORUS AXIMAND 'Little Horus', Captain, 5th Company
SERGHAR TARGOST Captain, 7th Company, Lodge Master
GARVIEL LOKEN Captain, 10th Company
Luc SEDIRAE Captain, 13th Company
TYBALT MARR 'The Either', Captain, 18th Company
VERULAM MOY 'The Or', Captain, 19th Company
LEV GOSHEN Captain, 25th Company
KALUS EKADDON Captain, Catulan Reaver Squad
FALKUS KIBRE 'Widowmaker', Captain, Justaerin Terminator Squad
NERO VIPUS Sergeant, Locasta Tactical Squad
XAVYER JUBAL Sergeant, Hellebore Tactical Squad
MALOGHURST 'The Twisted', Equerry to the Warmaster
The 140th Imperial Expedition Fleet
MATHANUAL AUGUST Master of the Fleet
Imperial Personae
KYRIL SINDERMANN Primary iterator
IGNACE KARKASY Official remembrancer, poet
MERSADIE OLITON Official remembrancer, documentarist
EUPHRATI KEELER Official remembrancer, imagist
MOMUS Architect designate
AENID RATHBONE High Administratrix
Non Imperial Personae
JEPHTA NAUD General Commander, the armies of the interex
DIATH SHEHN Abbrocarius
ASHEROT Indentured Kinebrach, Keeper of Devices
MITHRAS TULL Subordinate Commander, the armies of the interex

The Word Bearers Legion
EREBUS First Chaplain
The Imperial Fists Legion
SIGISMUND First Captain
The Emperor's Children Legion
EIDOLON Lord Commander
Lucius Captain
The Blood Angels Legion
RALDORON Chapter Master
The 63rd Imperial Expedition Fleet
BOAS COMNENUS Master of the Fleet
HEKTOR VARVARAS Lord Commander of the Army
ING MAE SING Mistress of Astropaths
SWEQ CHOROGUS High Senior of the Navis Nobilite
REGULUS Adept, Envoy of the Martian Mechanicum


I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor…
'Myths grow like crystals, according to their own recurrent pattern; but there must be a suitable core to start their growth.'
— attributed to the remembrancer Koestler (fl. M2)
"The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time.'
— the Primarch Lorgar
'The new light of science shines more brightly than the old light of sorcery. Why, then, do we not seem to see as far?'
— the Sumaturan philosopher Sahlonum (fl. M29)


Blood from misunderstanding
Our brethren in ignorance
The Emperor dies
'I WAS THERE.’ he would say afterwards, until afterwards became a time quite devoid of laughter. 'I was there, the day Horns slew the Emperor.' It was a delicious conceit, and his comrades would chuckle at the sheer treason of it.
The story was a good one. Torgaddon would usually be the one to cajole him into telling it, for Torgaddon was the joker, a man of mighty laughter and idiot tricks. And Loken would tell it again, a tale rehearsed through so many retellings, it almost told itself.
Loken was always careful to make sure his audience properly understood the irony in his story.