2. horus heresy. graham mcneill — false gods

Graham McNeill
The Horus Heresy. False Gods

Graham McNeill
The Horus Heresy. False Gods

It is a time of legend.
Mighty heroes battle for the right to rale the galaxy.
The vast armies of the Emperor of Earth have conquered
the galaxy in a Great Crusade — the myriad alien races have
been smashed by the Emperor's elite warriors and wiped
from the face of history.
The dawn of a new age of supremacy for humanity beckons.
Gleaming citadels of marble and gold celebrate the many victories of the Emperor. Triumphs are raised on a million worlds to record the epic deeds of his most powerful and deadly warriors.
First and foremost amongst these are the primarchs,
superheroic beings who have led the Emperor's armies of
Space Marines in victory after victory. They are unstoppable
and magnificent, the pinnacle of the Emperor's genetic
experimentation. The Space Marines are the mightiest
human warriors the galaxy has ever known, each capable of
besting a hundred normal men or more in combat.
Organised into vast armies of tens of thousands called Legions, the Space Marines and their primarch leaders conquer the galaxy in the name of the Emperor.
Chief amongst the primarchs is Horus, called the Glorious, the Brightest Star, favourite of the Emperor, and like a son unto him. He is the Warmaster, the commander-in-chief of the Emperor's military might, subjugator of a thousand thousand worlds and conqueror of the galaxy. He is a warrior without peer, a diplomat supreme.
Horus is a star ascendant, but how far can a star rise before it falls?


The Sons of Horus
THE WARMASTER HORUS Commander of the Sons of Horus Legion
EZEKYLE ABADDON First Captain of the Sons of Horus
TARIK TORGADDON Captain, 2nd Company, Sons of Horus
IACTON QRUZE, 'THE HALF-HEARD' Captain, 3rd Company, Sons of Horus
HASTUR SEJANUS Captain, 4th Company, Sons of Horus (Deceased)
HORUS AXIMAND, 'LITTLE HORUS' Captain, 5th Company, Sons of Horus
SERGHAR TARGOST Captain, 7th Company, Sons of Horus, lodge master
GARVIEL LOKEN Captain, 10th Company, Sons of Horus
Luc SEDIRAE Captain, 13th Company, Sons of Horus
TYBALT MARR, 'THE EITHER' Captain, 18th Company, Sons of Horus
VERULAM MOY, 'THE OR' Captain, 19th Company, Sons OF HORUS
KALUS EKADDON, CAPTAIN Catulan Reaver Squad, Sons of Ноше
FALKUS KIBRE, 'WIDOWMAKER' Captain, Justaerin Terminator Squad, Sons of Horus
NERO VIPUS Sergeant, Locasta Tactical Squad, Sons of Horus
MALOGHURST 'THE TWISTED' Equerry to the Warmaster
The Primarchs
ANGRON Primarch of the World Eaters
FULGRIM Primarch of the Emperor's Children
Other Space Marines
EREBUS First Chaplain of the Word Bearers
KHARN Captain, 8th Assault Company of the World Eaters
The Legio Mortis
PRINCEPS ESAU TURNET Commander of the Dies Irae, an Imperator-class Titan
MODERATI PRIMUS CASSAR One of the senior crew of the Dies Irae
MODERATI PRIMUS ARUKEN Another of the Dies Irae's crew
The Davinites
LODGE PRIESTESS AKSHUB Leader of the Lodge of the Serpent
Tsi REKH Davinite liaison
TSEPHA A cultist of Davin and facilitator for Akshub
Non-Astartes Imperials
PETRONEIXA VIVAR Palatina Majoria of House Carpinus — one of the scions of a wealthy noble family of Terra
MAGGARD Bodyguard to Petronella
LORD COMMANDER VARVARAS, Commander of Imperial Army forces attached to Horas's Legion MECHANICUM ADEPT REGULUS, Mechanicum representative to Horus, he commands the Legion's robots and maintains its fighting machines