A delightful story about chocolate

On listening a word ‘chocolate’, we all enter into a world of fantasy. The taste fills our mouth with water and we just desire to have that brown colored, sweet and milky flavored stuff. Chocolate is actually not sweet in raw form. The sweet chocolate we get is a mixture of chocolate and sugar. The other form of chocolate is a white chocolate which is generally not considered as chocolate. It is a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.
For health, Chocolate can be beneficial as well as harmful. Chocolate has many positive effects on health. It helps in the circulation of blood and reduces the risk of heart attack. Moderate consumption of chocolate helps in muscles recovery and brain functioning. The negative effects are obesity risk, acne risk and increase blood sugar which is harmful for diabetic patients. Whatever the positive or negative effects are, chocolate maintain its place in everyone’s heart.
Now let’s discuss about some of the types of chocolate. Chocolate liquor is a pure form of chocolate containing 54% cocoa butter. Another form of chocolate is milk chocolate which has large amount of milk in it. It is light, fluffy and has a unique taste. Bitter-sweet chocolate is a chocolate which is not completely sweet. It contains chocolate liquor and sweeteners and generally used for making cookies. The other form of chocolate is dark chocolate. It contains 15% chocolate liquor and is available in unsweetened, bittersweet, semisweet form.
Chocolate is popular in India too. Although India has several other popular deserts and sweets, chocolate has its place in the heart of children and youngsters. Now day’s chocolate is preferred as a diwali sweet because of its low fat quality. Also certain brands have launched sugar free chocolates which are very famous among diabetic patients. Indian restaurants are also seeking way to attract chocolate loving customers by introducing chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream and chocolate desserts in their food menu.