A letter to a girlfriend

One day a young man was writing a letter to his girlfriend who
lived just a few miles away in a nearby town.
Among other things, he was telling her how much he loved her
and how wonderful she was. The more he wrote the more poetic he
became. Finally, he said that in order to be with her he would suffer
the greatest difficulties, he would face the greatest dangers
anyone could imagine. In fact, to spend only one minute with her, he
would climb the highest mountain in the world, he would swim
across the widest river, he would enter the deepest forest and with
his bare hands fight against the wildest animals.
He finished the letter, signed his name and then suddenly
remembered that he had forgotten to mention something important.
So, in a postscript below his name, he added: "By the way, I'll come
to see you on Wednesday — if it doesn't rain."