Acquaintance and meeting. (phrasebook)

Hello, my name is …
What is your name?
Glad to meet you.
How old are you?
I am … years old.
I will be … soon.
Where do you come from?
Do you smoke?
Let me introduce you …
This is my brother (sister, mummy, daddy, friend … ).
Have you got any brothers or sisters?
I have got a brother (… brothers) and a sister (… sisters).
How old is your brother (your sister)?
When is your birthday?
I come from Russia (Europe, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden, …)
I am Russian (American, French, British, Dutch, Spanish, German).
I am a businessman (a student, a teacher).

What if we meet?
What time (place) is good for you?
We could meet at (in, on, downtown) … at … o'clock.
Let's fix the exact time and place.
I'm looking forward to meeting you (there, at …).
Let’s go to the cinema (theater, stadium, concert)!
I'd like to invite you to the theatre (my home, my place).
Don't be late, please!
I'll be in time.
We could have a cup of coffee (drink, a little chat) at my place.
Can I drive you home (to your place, somewhere)?
Let's fix a meeting.
Where would you like us to meet?
Do you want to bring anybody along?
Two o'clock is the best (worst, most convenient, most inconvenient) time for me.
I'd be glad to see you.
I'll wait for you on that side of the street (in the corner of the street).
Where shall we meet?
Is this time suitable for you?
Hi (there)!
How's it going?
Good morning!