Alarm system

Alarm system Guarto Easy IV
 Central alarm control unit with integrated communicator
 Simple to program
 Simple and reliable to operate
 Extensive communications
 Simple to install
The 1.5mm gauge painted steel housing comes with the main board, the power supply
assembly and the transformer. It provides room for one 27Ah battery and relay boards
or isolators. The housing is monitored for opening and can be lead-sealed.
The following operating modes can be programmed by software for each input (in
addition to the name, function etc.):
— normally open
— normally closed
— 1 end-of-line resistor
— 2 end-of-line resistors
— glassbreak sensor line
— emergency exit
— fire detector line
The power pack of the central control unit supplies 12V/2.3A to feed the central control
unit and the external consumers. As well as the E-BUS supply, 4 separately protected
12V outputs are available. The battery, mains and fuses are all monitored. A failure is
signalled to the main board via the E-BUS.
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Central control unit SI410
Siemens Building Technologies
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Alarm receiving
centre 1
Alarm receiving
centre 2
Service PC 1
Service PC 2
Plug-in modules
The length of an E-BUS line is 500m, which can be extended to 1000m by using the
SAR11 insulator. The E-BUS can be used to connect as many as 32 remote keypads,
32 transponders, 16 power units and 4 transponder gateways to the central control
unit. Up to 32 card reader gateways can replace the functionality of remote keypads.
All events significant for operation are stored in a nonvolatile memory with the date
and time exactly to the second. Sixteen user event memories (one for each ward), an
engineer event memory and a memory for installer access are available.
To operate the system, 500 user PINs are available and 3 engineer PINs. The SI410
has twenty 2-year calendars for time controlling of wards, inputs, outputs and user
PINs. This enables wards to be automatically set or unset and user PINs to be authorised
or rejected according to times, outputs switched on or off and inputs blocked.
The SI410 has a ward structure with 3 levels:
— Level 1: 4 clusters to which any number of the 16 wards can be assigned.
— Level 2: 16 wards which may be programmed as main ward, sub-ward or virtual"
ward as required.
— Level 3: 8 setting groups per ward or part/full set per ward enable up to 16 independent
installations or systems with up to 128 setting groups. This means that the
IC410 can be tailored to all structural and/or organisational requirements of the
property to be protected.
PSTN dialer SML51-TBR The SML51 connects the SI410 central control unit with the analog telephone network.
It transmits alarms and other events to digital alarm receiving centres and/or PCs. The
SML51 enables remote programming and operation of the central control unit via a PC
(upload/download), and it also allows a message to be transmitted to a pager. In conjunction
with the SMV11 voice module, voice announcements can also be transmitted
to any desired individuals.
ISDN dialer SML61 The SML61 connects the SI410 central control unit to the ISDN communication network.
It has the same performance spectrum as the SML51 already described.
IP communicator SMN36 The SML36 connects 2 ports of the SI410 central control unit to the IP communication
network. The SMN36 enables programming and operation of the control unit via a PC