Alexander blok — so when i retire from the timeline stream

So when I retire from the timeline stream
Abandoning censure and praise
Remember the kindness, the warmhearted dream
I lived on and bloomed in those days.

My darling, I know You"ll forget all the spite
There used to be on my part,
When You, like a swan, appeared, snow-white,
Impaling the depth of my heart.

I wasn"t the one who had wounded Your pride,
It was someone else"s design.
Dark clouds would trouble my day and my light,
Your day was brighter than mine.

So when I retire from this lifetime string
And vanish beyond the blue grid,
You will remember the song we would sing,-
I"d sing it, and You would repeat.

November 1, 1903
Translated from the Russian by Alec Vagapov

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