Castle 2/10 (one man's treasure)

00:00:00 One Man's Treasure
00:00:00 There are two kinds of folks
00:00:01 who sit around thinking about how to kill people:
00:00:03 psychopaths and mystery writers.
00:00:05 I'm the kind that pays better.
00:00:06 Who am I?
00:00:07 I'm Rick Castle.
00:00:08 Castle.
00:00:08 Castle.
00:00:09 I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?
00:00:11 Every writer needs inspiration. And I found mine.
00:00:14 Detective Kate Beckett.
00:00:15 Beckett. Beckett.
00:00:15 — Nikki Heat? — The character he's basing on you.
00:00:17 And thanks to my friendship with the mayor,
00:00:19 I get to be on her case.
00:00:20 I would be happy to let you spank me.
00:00:22 And together, we catch killers
00:00:24 We make a pretty good team, you know?
00:00:25 Like Starsky and Hutch.
00:00:26 Turner and Hooch.
00:00:27 You do remind me a little of Hooch.
00:00:29 ♫ ♫
00:00:33 ♪ burning bush ♪
00:00:35 ♪ burning rubber ♪
00:00:37 ♪ burning thirst ♪
00:00:38 ♪ ooh, I've got a crush on you ♪
00:00:41 ♪ skull and bones ♪
00:00:44 ♪ rock 'n' roll ♪
00:00:47 ♪ ooh, I've got a crush on you
00:00:52 ♪ laser eyes ♪
00:00:54 ♪ ooh, I got a crush on you ♪
00:00:58 oh!
00:01:00 Oh! Oh! Oh.
00:01:03 Aah!
00:01:05 Check your six, Maverick.
00:01:08 This is your captain up and on the mountain.
00:01:10 Listen up, ladies and gentlemen.
00:01:12 Our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes.
00:01:14 We're in the pipes. Let's keep our feet dry this time.
00:01:17 Jungle radio, this is One Delta Bravo.
00:01:20 Eyes on suspect. Requesting backup, over.
00:01:23 Requesting permission to deploy
00:01:25 laser-activated radioactive immobilizer.
00:01:28 Permission denied.
00:01:30 Really. Richard.
00:01:31 I have all of these new lines to learn
00:01:33 before my play goes into rehearsal.
00:01:35 I'm goin' in.
00:01:36 If that comes any closer, you're gonna have
00:01:38 Black Hawk down on your hands. Oh!
00:01:43 What's all this?
00:01:45 Official police tactical training.
00:01:47 Oh, hey, dad. Did you get a chance to sign
00:01:48 that permission slip I gave you the other day?
00:01:50 Haven't you learned to forge my signature yet?
00:01:52 Ah. Credit cards? Yes. Permission slips? No.
00:01:54 It's my civics class.
00:01:55 Every student has a 3-day volunteer internship at one of
00:01:58 the city's agencies… law enforcement, sanitation, fire.
00:02:00 Oh, go with fire. They have the best calendars.
00:02:03 I went with law enforcement.
00:02:04 Detective Beckett already said it's cool
00:02:06 if I volunteer down at the station.
00:02:07 Oh, well, as a member of the NYPD volunteer squad,
00:02:10 I would be happy to show you the ropes.
00:02:12 Actually, Detective Beckett is giving me
00:02:13 my orientation course tomorrow morning.
00:02:15 Then I would be honored to carpool with you
00:02:19 or share a cab.
00:02:20 hmm.
00:02:22 Castle.
00:02:24 Prelim suggests the victim died
00:02:26 of a single gunshot wound to the chest at close range.
00:02:29 — Any signs of struggle? — Contusions coming up here…
00:02:32 — Uh-huh. — And here.
00:02:34 But it's likely a result of his tumble down the trash chute.
00:02:40 What?
00:02:42 What are you doing?
00:02:43 Well, I can't breathe through my nose.
00:02:45 I happen to have a very acute sense of smell.
00:02:47 Suck it up, Castle. Real cops deal with worse.