Castle 2/11 (the fifth bullet)

00:00:00 The Fifth Bullet
00:00:00 There are two kinds of folks
00:00:01 who sit around thinking about how to kill people:
00:00:03 psychopaths and mystery writers.
00:00:05 I'm the kind that pays better.
00:00:06 Who am I?
00:00:07 I'm Rick Castle.
00:00:08 Castle.
00:00:08 Castle.
00:00:09 I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?
00:00:11 Every writer needs inspiration. And I found mine.
00:00:14 Detective Kate Beckett.
00:00:15 Beckett. Beckett.
00:00:15 — Nikki Heat? — The character he's basing on you.
00:00:17 And thanks to my friendship with the mayor,
00:00:19 I get to be on her case.
00:00:20 I would be happy to let you spank me.
00:00:22 And together, we catch killers
00:00:24 We make a pretty good team, you know?
00:00:25 Like Starsky and Hutch.
00:00:26 Turner and Hooch.
00:00:27 You do remind me a little of Hooch.
00:00:35 You drive, I'll ride. All right.
00:00:41 On one knee? Yes, that's a good girl.
00:00:43 What's up, Castle, you proposing?
00:00:45 Oh, no. Just waiting for you.
00:00:48 That's too bad. You two make a cute couple.
00:00:50 Yeah. Hey, you think I should get a dog?
00:00:52 — What am I, your wife? — Yeah, you're my work-wife.
00:00:54 No, I'm not your work-wife.
00:00:55 I could get a bloodhound. I could name him Sherlock,
00:00:57 And then I could… I could bring him to crime scenes.
00:00:59 No, you couldn't.
00:01:00 Oh, what? It'd be adorable.
00:01:02 I could get him to wear a little Sherlock hat,
00:01:04 Train him how to carry a little magnifying glass.
00:01:06 Oh, see? Right there.
00:01:08 Disapproving, judgmental… you're totally my work-wife.
00:01:11 Oh, the blood's bold, but it works.
00:01:15 Not sure he'd agree.
00:01:20 Mm.
00:01:22 Well, obviously, he was into art.
00:01:25 Victor Fink,
00:01:26 43, gallery owner.
00:01:29 There's no sign of forced entry.
00:01:30 Tenant upstairs call in gunshots to 911 at 10:14 pm.
00:01:34 Any idea what he was doing here so late?
00:01:35 No, but according to his assistant,
00:01:37 Darius Langley, they close at 8:00. Far as he can tell,
00:01:39 there's nothing missing off the walls or from the back.
00:01:41 Anything off those security cameras?
00:01:43 Fake. Not even hooked up.
00:01:44 Lucky break for the guy.
00:01:46 Unless he knew, just like he knew Fink was working late.
00:01:48 Or made plans to meet him here. Check with the assistant.
00:01:51 Right.
00:01:52 He had some fight in him.
00:01:53 Abrasions on the forearms, on the hands.
00:01:56 And then he made a run for the stairs.
00:01:57 Only to be shot in the back.
00:01:59 Twice, 9 millimeter.
00:02:02 Shooter fired from over here.
00:02:04 Is it possible
00:02:05 he might have been meeting somebody?
00:02:06 If he was meeting someone, he didn't tell me.
00:02:08 Excuse me for a minute.
00:02:09 He'd already left by the time I locked up at 8:00.
00:02:12 Mr. Langley,
00:02:13 I'm Detective Kate Beckett.
00:02:14 How long have you been Mr. Fink's assistant?
00:02:16 Two months.
00:02:17 I'm an art student. I take night classes at Tisch.
00:02:19 Is that where you were tonight?
00:02:21 Yeah, Mr. Fink totally supported me being in school.
00:02:24 He'd let me leave early to make classes.
00:02:26 That's where I was when you guys called.
00:02:28 Do you know if Mr. Fink had any enemies,
00:02:31 Any unhappy clients or artists?
00:02:33 Nothing out of the ordinary.